The band was formed in high-school by all current members. Their first live performance was at their school talent show. Much change has occurred since, and their genre has expanded from simply blues and hard rock to encompass many more aspects such as physchedlia and indie. Today, they aim to draw audiences in through the different peaks and valleys of their music. The band's close relationship with each other makes their live shows musically tight and fluid in progression. Part-Time Savants aims to push the boundaries of their music at every show and to create a sound not heard of for decades.

Awards and Achievements


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Mason Woodward

Mason got his first guitar at the age of nine and took to it immediately. He took a few lessons but got most of his practice by playing along to The Who in his bedroom. He would frequently upload videos of him playing covers of different Who songs. He played in front of people for the first time at the age of ten when he played "Sparks" for the school talent show. He spent almost all of his free time playing guitar for the next four years, consistently getting home from school and only playing guitar until he went to bed. By the eighth grade he had discovered  Led Zeppelin, which is still his biggest influence today, and could play almost all of their songs. About this time he was approached by Jack Vesper who asked him to play in the eighth grade talent show. After the talent show Mason kept practicing but never thought about starting a band.

    Two years later Mason became the lead guitarist for Part-Time Savants. Mason was the only member with extensive prior experience so most of the early covers relied on his talents. The difference in ability proved challenging at first since most of the covers Mason wanted to play were too difficult for the other members to play, but this forced them to catch up quickly and soon they were able to play any cover they wished. Mason wrote almost all of the early originals, including the ones on the EP. While the amount of input the other members have put into writing has varied, Mason has always participated and been involved in all aspects of writing. He lives in Oklahoma City nd currently attends the Academy of Contemporary Music.


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Jack Vesper

Jack first started playing piano at the age of nine and soon began playing in recitals held by his piano instructor. He began writing original songs at ten, and starting singing a year later. The early attempts at originals were rough but they gave Jack experience and he improved quickly. If he wasn't playing originals, he would often play covers of his favorite bands, such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley. He was interested in starting a band and would often get together with friends to play music. Jack was always very enthusiastic about these early bands but his friends were never as committed and would either lose interest or quit pretty soon after starting the band. The first time he played with any of the members of Part-Time Savants was the eighth grade talent show when he played "Don't Stop Believin'" with Mason. Jack would continue to practice and learn covers with Mason throughout the rest of the year but they went their separate ways in their early high school years.

    In high school Jack became friends with Sam and Keaton, but it wasn't until sophomore year that he asked them to join a band. Since Jack was the one that asked everyone to join and took charge of the early direction of the band, he soon earned himself the title of "Self-Appointed Leader."  Jack brought a very unique sound to the band pulling influence from bands such as The Beatles.  The band's musical tastes changed and they began listening to similar music. Jack started to listen to The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, which has had a big impact on the lyrics he writes. Initially, he was the only one to write lyrics but recently has involved other members to improve lyrical content and substance. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma and currently attends the University of Oklahoma.

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Sam Shields

Sam's earliest experiences with music were the piano lessons he took at a very young age, which he hated with a passion. After quitting piano, it was a few years before he tried to play another instrument. His dad was a big fan of bands like The Police, The Rolling Stones, and The Clash and would often play along with them on his guitar. This was what first made Sam want to play guitar and he started taking lessons at the age of eleven. His first experiences playing in front of an audience were the recitals held by his instructor a few times a year. At the time he only played acoustic covers and rarely listened to anything similar to what Part-Time Savants plays currently.

Keeping with the lessons paid off. At the age of sixteen he joined the Part-Time Savants and even though he started on rhythm guitar, he quickly switched to bass guitar since his dad already owned one. It soon became apparent that he was far behind Mason in terms of skill level and he had to work hard to be able to play many of the songs they wanted to cover in the beginning. During the summer of 2014 he started to write music, and not only discovered that he loved it but that he seemed to have a real talent for it as well. The duo of Sam and Mason have written the majority of the band's originals, which includes over fifteen songs. Sam's favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys, who have all been big influences on the band's music. He lives in Oklahoma City and currently attends the Academy of Contemporary Music.

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Keaton Klepper

Keaton began his musical journey at the age of thirteen when he began playing guitar. He played in the same recitals as Sam, which gave him some experience playing live. He started off listening to classic rock bands such as Van Halen and the Rolling Stones and began listening to newer bands such as Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers shortly before and during the beginning of the band. In 2012, Keaton's uncle gave a drum set to Keaton and he started taking lessons soon after.

    Keaton joined Part-Time Savants as the drummer but since he was just starting a new instrument, like Sam, he had to put in a lot of work to be able to play drums well enough to perform live. Practices, for the first year and a half of the band, were held at Keaton's house and it was here that the EP songs were written. Keaton writes all of his own drum parts and helps write and structure the songs, excluding the ones on the EP, as much as he can despite only being the drummer. Keaton models his drumming after John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Taylor Hawkings (Foo Fighters), and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers). He lives in Stillwater Oklahoma and attends Oklahoma State University.

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