Part-Time Savants

alternative, indie, blues rock

short bio

Named top 3 "Best Underage Band" in Oklahoma by the Gazette Music Awards, Part-Time Savants capture the "untamed spirit of rock long thought diminished by modern pop music"

Long bio

The band was formed in high-school by all current members with their first live performance being their school talent show.  In the four years that followed, their genre has expanded from simply blues and hard rock to encompass more aspects such as physchedlia and indie. Today, they aim to draw audiences in through the different peaks and valleys of their live performances. The band's close relationship makes their live shows musically tight and fluid in progression. Part-Time Savants aims to push the boundaries of their music to create a sound not heard of in decades.


Contact: Jack Vesper

  • Phone:  405-696-7971
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